OPMH Sales Team

Dylan – Senior Account Executive

Dylan has been in the vaping industry for the past five years, and spent four of those managing a store for the biggest retail partner OPMH Project has in Derb E Cigs. He also has a musical streak in him. Dylan started a band named Knocked Loose, and has played jazz music for the past eight years. When Dylan is not killing it on the sales front, you can find him rocking out with friends playing video games, or enjoying a great tasting brew at Mile Wide Beer Co. here in Louisville.

Grant – Senior Account Executive

Grant is the longest tenured account executive at OPMH Project. He has real passion for the vaping industry, and is always working to make sure that the shops he works with get the juices they need at a fair price. In addition to his passion for the vape world, he also has a real passion for working in the kitchen. When he is not selling liquid, he is in the kitchen trying recipes, and tweaking the ones he already has. Grant also loves to travel, and has been to 7 different countries, and visited 35 of the 50 states in the US.

Chance – Account Executive

One of the newest additions to the OPMH Project sales staff, Chance is hungry and motivated to make a name for himself in the vaping industry… just like he did in MMA. Before Chance was a member of one of the best sales teams in vaping, he was an undefeated pro MMA fighter. Chance excelled in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, and is looking to do the same now as part of the world class sales team at OPMH Project.

Chase – Account Executive

Chase is one of the bright new stars here at OPMH Project. Before joining our team, Chase was both an athlete and an actor. He spent four years playing college baseball. Chase then used that experience to begin a professional baseball career. He has also raced professionally for the US Ski Team, and retired from professional athletics in 2014. As far as his acting career is concerned, he is best known for his role as Michael Myers in Rob Zombies’ Halloween 2. He has been in the vape game since 2014, and is ready to start helping shops reach new levels of success.

Bryan – Account Executive

Bryan comes to OPMH Project from New Jersey. He has been vaping for the past six years, and is another one of those rising stars we keep talking about. When he’s not helping shops sell liquids, and get awesome new flavors to stock their shelves, he is building custom gaming rigs, making his own coils, and even mixes his own liquids on occasion. Bryan used to play rugby and lacrosse, and is generally one of the most helpful members of the team.

David – Account Executive

When David is not busy hustling money out of Eddy and Troy during a poker game, you can find him camping, white water rafting, and generally hanging outside. He loves the way the outdoors has a way of melting the stress away. He loves tattoos, and has quite a few of them himself. David is also an animal lover. His passions outside of poker and the outdoors include working out, playing pool, and working together with the rest of our rockstar sales staff to help shops truly start to succeed.