Why Choose Us?

No Hype… Just Quality!

OPMH Project was created as a way to meet the specific needs of vape store owners. Our goal is to make keeping your store stocked with the best flavors easy and convenient. As professionals in the vaping industry, we know what owners and consumers want: great e-liquid flavors at a great price.

Benefits of Working with OPMH Project

Market Tested Options: OPMH Project carries only proven flavors and brands. We only pick up the flavors that are popular with customers and sell well in stores. Our success is directly tied to yours, and we will do what we need to make sure you sell the liquids you purchase.

No Drop Shipping: All of our products are kept on-hand in our warehouse and most orders will ship out same-day. No waiting on shipping confirmation, or ordering from someone who never sees the liquids you purchase.

Personalized Service: We aren’t generic juice distro robots, we seek to form lasting business relationships with the people who order from us. You will get your very own sales rep that will work to get you the very best deal available.

– Tiered Pricing: We offer tiered pricing across all of the premium e-liquid brands we offer. Just talk with your personal sales representative today about getting the best price available.

When it comes to choosing a distributor to help you keep your shops shelves stocked, and your customers happy, there is no better option than OPMH Project. Not only will our expert sales staff help you choose the liquids that will sell in your shop, but our marketing team is here to help you start moving those liquids that aren’t. Call us today at 833.676.4669 (OPMHNOW) or email us at Sales@OPMHProject.com to get the help you need.