Benefits of Team OPMH

What’s In It For You?

As we have said, Team OPMH members do a massive amount of work for OPMH Project, and while it takes time, it is not without its own rewards. 

Team OPMH Members enjoy a number of perks that are not available to our buying public. Take a look at what all is offered to those that are able to hold up their end of this deal: 

  • Free Juice on a Quarterly Basis – Team OPMH members get anywhere between 10 – 20 bottles per shipment. These are a selected variety of juices that OPMH Project is looking to push for that quarter, and we use the photos in our marketing campaigns (While giving shoutouts to the photographers who took the photos of course).
  • Ability to Earn Additional Bottles Each Quarter – Competing in cloud comps? Refer your local shops and we close them? Repping OPMH Project at Vape Shows? All of these can earn you additional bottles of your choice in your next Team OPMH package. 
  • Free Swag – It’s hard to rep a brand if you don’t have any of the swag you need to do it. Every Team OPMH member gets an OPMH Hat (Black or Gray), an OPMH t-shirt, and any other swag from the other brands that we include in your shipment. 

In addition to the free juice and swag you earn as a member of Team OPMH, you also get to work with a company that is actively involved in Vaping Advocacy, and trying to make sure that we do our part to move our industry forward. 

OPMH Project stands by our team members, and will do all we can to make sure you get the credit you deserve for your hard work, and we throw bottles of amazing juice in to make it totally worth your while.