Just like its namesake, Watson OG e-liquid is the sharpest juice in the line. The classic flavor that launched the Watson empire, Watson OG pairs a well balanced and savory tobacco with the soft, sweet taste of vanilla to deliver you an all day vape that can be enjoyed all year around. While you are looking to help ex-smokers stay ex-smokers, Watson OG should be a staple on your flavor bar. Not only will this premium e-liquid help your clients stay away from cigarettes, but it will have them wondering why they ever picked them up at all.

White Gold

Watson White Gold from OPMH Project seamlessly blends rich cream with a full-flavored tobacco. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the flavor of a finely rolled cigar combined with smooth, silky cream. A delightfully creamy variant of the Watson Series from OPMH Project. Winner of Best Tobacco and Runner Up for Best in Show at Vape Showcase Charlotte 2018.


OPMH Project has a reputation for daring and inventive e-liquid flavors, and Watson Gold is no exception. This perfect blend of coffee flavor with our robust Watson tobacco make for a vape experience like no other. This flavor has been an absolute hit with our international customers, and so we have brought it here to the US market. This premium e-liquid is going to make the day for those ex-smoker customers your shop is here to service. Make sure your shop is one that carries this one of a kind coffee and tobacco e-liquid flavor.


Butterscotch is not a common flavor for e-liquids, and for good reason. It is hard to get it right. But, if you are able to get it right, you end up with a flavor that is unlike any other on the market. That’s what you get with Watson Platinum, a unique vaping experience that you can?t replicate with any other juice on the market. The classic Watson Tobacco pairs perfectly with the sweet, rich taste of the butterscotch to bring you a flavor that is without equal or rival.

Rose Gold

When developing the Watson e-liquid line, OPMH Project wanted to do something new and original. Pairing raspberry flavor with our robust Watson Tobacco was something we viewed as a challenge and risk, but boy did that risk pay off. The raspberry does an incredible job of accentuating the flavor of our Watson Tobacco, and really takes this juice to a level other tobacco?s have not reached. The sweet finish with familiar tobacco feel you expect from Watson puts this juice in a league all its own. Make sure this juice is on your shelf this time of year.