What is Team OPMH?

OPMH Project is an amazingly lucky company. Not only do we have some of the best quality juices on the market as part of our lineup, but we have been blessed with something that many companies spend millions of dollars trying to cultivate… our own online community.

Building a community of this sort normally takes an unimaginable amount of work and money to get off the ground, but at OPMH Project, Team OPMH came about all on its own. This organic community of people who are passionate enough about our brand to take photos, shoot videos, and highlight our products on their own social media feeds, gives us a reach that is unmatched within the vaping community. 

Team OPMH have scheduled times to during which they feature our products in photos and videos, and they are amazingly diligent. The marketing team here at OPMH Project features their stuff outside of their own social media channels, and is always sure to credit the photographers that are a part of our team. 

Want to learn more about Team OPMH? Just give us a call today at 833.676.4669 (OPMHNOW), or email us at TEAMOPMH@OPMHProject.com