About Us

No Hype… Just Quality!

OPMH Project is an E-liquid distributor located in Louisville, Kentucky. We have been in operation since 2016, and currently work with hundreds of vape shops both here in the United States, and abroad. We are actively selling liquid in over 45 different countries around the globe, and our reach is continuing to expand.  

We are a family run operation as well. Our founding partner, Troy Leblanc, started OPMH Project as a solution to a problem he saw within the vape industry, how to reduce the amount of time shops had to spend getting the juices they needed to sell to their customers. OPMH Project offers some of the top selling brands. on the market, including our own lines Watson, Fruit X, The Fountain, and More.

At our headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, we have a setup unlike any other in the industry. Not only does OPMH Project sell liquids to the shops we partner with, but we also offer them an unmatched level of support. From in-store marketing materials to active support, you will not find another distributor that is willing and able to help you reach the goals you have for your company. 

At OPMH Project, you not only get access to our stellar marketing professionals, but also get a dedicated sales rep that will learn about your shops unique needs, and help you plan for the months to come. Your sales rep will make sure you are also in the know when it comes to hot flavors, big savings, or any other great opportunity that might arise during your time partnering with OPMH Project. 

OPMH Project also sports a first class operation department that is geared towards making sure you are treated and serviced the way you deserve to be. No delays, No excuses, Just Results. We offer same-day shipping on all in stock orders, and will do all we can to make sure you have the products you need to be successful.

If your ready to start your journey towards market dominance in your area, call us today at 833.676.4669 (OPMHNOW) or email us at Sales@OPMHProject.com to get the help you need.